40 Weeks Sacred Story Examen


Meetings begin Tuesday, September 27th

Please join us for a prayer written for the Third Millennium based on St. Ignatius Examination of Conscience, written in the mid sixteenth century. This five-point prayer, tested and used in many dioceses throughout the United States is intended for 15 minutes on a daily basis. Participants have become aware of spontaneous movements towards and away from God.

One of those fundamental inspirations comes to us at various times. The “Kiss of Peace”, during the Mass has been cited as a time that a “Deep abiding peace” is experienced. Others may experience, “One like no other” when they are in nature. The awareness during this time is that, even though this intense experience is happening and they feel invincible, they still are aware of their human stuff and that God still brings this gift regardless of it. St. Ignatius refers to this as consolation.

Are you struggling with the presence of technology in your life? Has texting replaced sharing with those at the table while eating meals? Is God calling you to deeper relationship? Are you considering a major decision in your life? Listening, learning and humility are objectives of this prayer.

Information sessions will be held at 7 pm Tuesday, September 20 at St. Mary’s and 7 pm Thursday, September 22 at St. Matthew. 40 Weeks Sacred Story Examen begins 6:30PM September 27th and will meet every other week after that through June 2017. Contact Charlie Gardner at (585) 727-0079 or chasgardner1241@gmail.com if you are interested but can’t make info session.