Funeral Liturgy Planning: Planning a funeral liturgy is often one of the most stressful tasks family members need to accomplish during a very difficult time. The pastoral associate’s goal is to make this time as comfortable and straightforward as possible. The documents on this page will help you prepare for meeting with the pastoral associate.


Pre-planning a Funeral Liturgy:  One of the most important gifts we can give our family is to pre-plan our funeral liturgy. Taking time to plan our own funeral liturgies is one way we can eliminate the stress and duties of family members who may have been left to do this task. The tabs on this page will help you as you plan the Funeral Mass.

How do I plan a Funeral Mass at St. Mary's or St. Matthew's?

For assistance and more information

contact:  Rev. William F. Laird



Steps to Plan a Funeral for You and Your Loved One​

1. Complete Funeral Worksheet

Liturgy Planning:


  • Date of Funeral and Celebrant can be filled in if you know the information


  • Pall Bearers:  You can have anywhere from 2 to 8 pall bearers. Please include names and spellings for the program. If there will not be a casket you do not need pall bearers. Please note this on your form.



  • Words of Remembrance:  the liturgical guidelines allow for one (1) person to speak at the funeral Mass. This is a short, no longer than 3-5 minutes, speech.  This is not a Eulogy. It is about how the person lived their life demonstrating their Christian values and faith.


  • Psalm:  the Psalm is sung and choices are in the music selection list.

  • ​First Readings: The first reading is chosen from a selection of Old Testament readings.

  • ​Gospel:  Please choose one Gospel from the selection listed. The celebrant will read the Gospel.

  • Second reading is chosen from a selection of New Testament Readings.



Please choose one of each. You may also designate someone (2) to read them. Please include the Scripture chapter and verse numbers as well as the spelling of the names of those who will be reading. One person can do both readings if you choose.

  • General Intercessions:  These are the prayers offered where we respond, “Lord, hear our prayer”. Please choose 5-6 from the list. These prayers are also called the “Prayers of the Faithful”. 


Also please choose a reader for these.  Include the number of your selections, any additional info needed (i.e. name of staff, deceased loved ones), and the name of the person who will be reading. 

  • ​Gift Bearers:  These are the individuals who will bring the bread and wine to the altar.  You can have two or more up to 10. They should be of an age where they can walk down the aisle without disrupting the assembly or accompanied by someone. Please include their names.

  • Music:

Either Church will provide an

organist/pianist, and a cantor.

Other instruments or vocalists must be approved by the pastor and will be an additional expense covered by the family.


Please choose the appropriate musical pieces from the attached list.  We also offer a time for a meditation piece such as the Ave Maria. Please note on the form if you would a meditation piece. All music that is not on the list must be approved prior to the funeral. Only liturgical music can be played during the funeral. No recorded music can be used. If you have a question concerning this section please feel free to ask questions.

If you are planning a reception and would like it listed in the program, please add the name and address of the location.


Please note the name of the cemetery where interment will take place. This is needed for our registry books.

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