St. Mary's:  Joan Madigan or

                 Judy Guminski




St.  Matthew:  Bob Cope


St. Mary's Sanctuary Candle

Candles/Mass Cards


The St. Matthew Tabernacle Candle and the Holy Family Candle and the St. Mary’s Sanctuary Candle are available for scheduling. Please stop by or call either parish office to schedule a candle in memory, in thanksgiving, or for a special intention. A $10 donation per candle is greatly appreciated.

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St. Matthew Tabernacle Candle

Mass Cards

A Mass Card is a card sent to the family of someone who has died, stating that the sender has arranged for a Mass to be said in memory of the deceased. A Mass may be scheduled through either parish office based on the desired location. A $10 donation per Mass is greatly appreciated.

St. Matthew Holy Family Candle

St. Mary's Church: 8961 W. Main Street, PO Box 725, Honeoye NY 14471  |  585-229-5007

St. Matthew Church: 6591 Richmond Mills Road, PO Box 77, Livonia NY 14487  |  585-346-3815 


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