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St. Mary's:  Joan Madigan or

                 Judy Guminski



St.  Matthew:  Bob Cope


st mairy sanctuary candle_edited.jpg

St. Mary's Sanctuary Candle

Stained Glass line2.png

Candles/Mass Cards

Stained Glass line2.png


The St. Matthew Tabernacle Candle and the Holy Family Candle and the St. Mary’s Sanctuary Candle are available for scheduling. Please stop by or call either parish office to schedule a candle in memory, in thanksgiving, or for a special intention. A $10 donation per candle is greatly appreciated.

Give A Spiritual Gift!

tabernacle candle pic 1.jpg

St. Matthew Tabernacle Candle

candle pic 1.jpg

St. Matthew Holy Family Candle

Mass Cards

A Mass Card is a card sent in memory, in thanksgiving or for a special intention. A Mass may be scheduled through either parish office based on the desired location. A $10 donation per Mass is greatly appreciated.

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