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For information please contact us at least 6 months in advance of desired date: 

Rev. William F. Laird
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       Sacrament of Matrimony

The Sacrament of Matrimony is a Covenant between God and a man and a woman. God's Covenant is a permanent, faithful, unbreakable Bond of Love with the couple until death.  A civil marriage is only a contract between 2 people who ultimately decide to keep their promises or not. The Sacrament of Matrimony witnesses to the world that the couple desires, invites, welcomes and celebrates God’s Presence as the Source of their love and that God has sealed their union as husband and wife.

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All adult Catholics (21+) must be registered in a Catholic Parish before beginning their Matrimony Preparation.

Before entering into the Sacrament of Matrimony, Catholics are to have received their 3 Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. If not, read below...

When a Baptized Catholic is only missing their Confirmation, attend 3 adult Confirmation sessions offered in February/March and receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at our Faith Formation's Confirmation night at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in the Spring.

When a Baptized Catholic is missing both their Confirmation and Eucharist, the RCIA Process provides Catholic preparation needed for receiving those Sacraments at the Easter Vigil Mass.

OR,,, if an engaged person is considering joining the Catholic Church, then contact Pastoral Associate Cris Wensel.

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