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Our Parishes

​We, the people of St. Mary’s and St. Matthew Churches, are diverse Christian communities dedicated to sharing our faith and spirituality while serving as welcoming and caring parishes. Enriched by the diverse faith experiences of our members, we gather as the Body of Christ to be strengthened and to witness Christ to others. As we travel on our journey of faith, we will endeavor to fulfill our mission to all God’s people by prayer, support, knowledge, love and justice.

The Mission Statement of

St. Mary’s and St. Matthew Faith Community

Sts. Mary and Matthew Faith Community

​The current structure of St. Mary’s Church in Honeoye (SMH) was built in 1958, and at that time was a mission church of St. Michael’s in Livonia Center. In 2006 SMH was clustered with St. Matthew Church in Livonia (SML). St. Matthew Church was established in 2004 when the parishes of St. Joseph in Livonia and St. William in Conesus reached capacity and could no longer contain the number of parishioners attending.  SMH and SML have been under the leadership of one pastor since June of 2010.


The parishes are in the small, rural villages of Honeoye and Livonia. SMH is located near Honeoye Lake and SML is located near Conesus Lake drawing several summer residents to each location. SMH is a well-maintained facility with a capacity of 400, while SML is a newly constructed facility (2004) with a capacity of 755.  The combined households number is approximately 755. (SMH 214 & SML 541).  Both are financially stable and operating within budgeted expectations.


Worship, sacraments, faith formation and outreach to those in need are highly valued by both parishes. These ideals are supported by a commitment to worship, faith-based learning opportunities and programs to support the poor of each community.

St. Mary's


TEL: (585)-229-5007
FAX: (585)-229-2820


St. Mary’s Catholic Church 
8961 W. Main Street

PO Box 725
Honeoye, NY 14471 

St. Matthew

stmatthew19 church.jpg

TEL: (585)-346-3815
FAX: (585)-346-9440


St. Matthew Catholic Church
6591 Richmond Mills Road PO Box 77
Livonia, NY 14487

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