Sharing Stories with Jesus

Children Reading the Holy Bible

Faith Formation for Preschool & Pre-K

Sundays (Volunteer Dependent)

During 10:30 am Mass, St. Matthew, Livonia

No Fee, please register so we have an estimate of how many children to expect

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  • Preschool & Pre-K children are invited back to the Community room after the opening prayer for simplified age appropriate readings, prayers, songs, activities, and discussion about the main message of the current week's scripture.

  • This program utilizes the Pflaum Gospel Weekly with What the Church Believes and Teaches “Seeds” Program, an USCCB approved catechetical text.

  • Program lasts all of Mass, and Parents/Guardians pick up & sign out children after Mass in the Community Room

  • If we do not have a volunteer for Sharing Stories, we will be unable to have programing that week

  • No Material Fee for Sharing Stories with Jesus


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Sharing Stories with Jesus only works when parishioners & parents volunteer!   If your child enjoys participating, please consider volunteering for a turn or two running Sharing Stories with Jesus. All of the programming, readings, songs, and activities are planned for you. They are sent to you earlier in the week so you can be familiar with the readings & program.


All that is needed is your energy!


Contact Jeanette Housecamp

Director of Faith Formation/Youth Ministry

(585) 346-3815

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