Youth Ministry

Senior High Youth Ministry

Senior High Youth Ministry: 9th - 12th grade

Sundays 7:00pm - 8:30pm, 

Hagerty Hall, 41 Spring Street, Livonia 

Assisting and guiding teens to develop and strengthen their relationship with God and their faith community through a liturgy based catechesis. Discussions, reflections, prayers, and community building experiences are included to encourage the understanding of Jesus' teachings and how to live them today.

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A Little Learning...

Open  TO aLl High School


... Always Pays Off!!

Besides learning and praying together, teens from the Senior High Youth Ministry also:

  • Run Soup-er Bowl Sunday to raise money for our local food pantries

  • Write, organize, sing, and lead a Tenebrae Service on Good Friday

  • Attend the National Catholic Youth Conference pilgrimage to Indianapolis

  • and lots more!



Erin Ebersold

Youth Ministry Coordinator
585- 346-3815


St. Mary's Church: 8961 W. Main Street, PO Box 725, Honeoye NY 14471  |  585-229-5007

St. Matthew Church: 6591 Richmond Mills Road, PO Box 77, Livonia NY 14487  |  585-346-3815 


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