Mass Schedule

       Sunday - 8:30 am St. Mary's

       Monday (11/2) No Morning Mass
       Monday (11/2) 6:30 pm St. Mary's
       11/3-11/5 - 9:00 am St. Mary's

Weekend Mass Schedule:
       Saturday - 4:30 pm St. Matthew
       Sunday - 8:30 am St. Mary's

       Sunday - 10:30 am St. Matthew


The Mission Statement of

St. Mary’s and St. Matthew Faith Community

​We, the people of St. Mary’s and St. Matthew Churches, are diverse Christian communities dedicated to sharing our faith and spirituality while serving as welcoming and caring parishes. Enriched by the diverse faith experiences of our members, we gather as the Body of Christ to be strengthened and to witness Christ to others. As we travel on our journey of faith, we will endeavor to fulfill our mission to all God’s people by prayer, support, knowledge, love and justice.

Frequently Visited

St. Mary's Church: 8961 W. Main Street, PO Box 725, Honeoye NY 14471  |  585-229-5007

St. Matthew Church: 6591 Richmond Mills Road, PO Box 77, Livonia NY 14487  |  585-346-3815 

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