Finance Council

​The Finance Council is responsible to guide the parish finances in conjunction with the parish’s business manager to allow for financial stability and growth.

Through parish staff they receive information about upcoming projects, expenses, etc. This helps the council budget  accordingly. They provide guidance and advice with budgeting questions. They assist in providing financial stability that parish programs are properly funded based on need.


St. Mary’s:

Diane O’Connor:

(585) 229-5007

St. Matthew:

Dave VanLieshout

(585) 346-3479

St. Mary's Church: 8961 W. Main Street, PO Box 725, Honeoye NY 14471  |  (585) 229-5007

St. Matthew Church: 6591 Richmond Mills Road, PO Box 77, Livonia NY 14487  |  (585) 346-3815 

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